General Election Results 2024

Melksham and Devizes Constituency

Candidate              Political party/Independent      Votes
Malcolm Cupis      Reform UK                                 6,726
Michelle Donelan  Conservative Party                   17,630
Brian Mathew        Liberal Democrats                    20,031
Kerry Postlewhite   Labour Party                              4,587
Catherine Read      Green Party                                2,229

Turnout: 69.96%
Elected: Brian Mathew

We would like to congratulate Dr. Brian Matthew MP on his success and wish him all the best as our new Member of Parliament.

The Electoral Commission Constituency Boundaries in Wiltshire have now changed.  For the purposes of the General Election, expected to be in 2024, what was the Devizes Constituency no longer exists.  It is now Melksham and Devizes or East Wilts.

We are constantly working for you in the community, with many years of experience in local government we are well placed to represent you.

Please feel free to contact us on matters of local concerns by email ... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We are always ready to bring our influence to bare drawing attention to issues in the community through our campaigning and lobbying for change with our local political leaders across our constituency.

Your local party based in the Melksham and Devizes constituency, works hard to represent you at both local and national levels.  Nothing in "government" is fixed in stone, it can be changed if we all work together.

The last time that Wiltshire was represented by a party other than the Conservatives was 1923.

Labour has consistently given them a good challenge over the last 100 years.

Wiltshire Council has been dominated by the Conservatives since the 1972 Local Government Act.

Kerry Postlewhite

I'm thrilled to be your Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
for Melksham and Devizes!Kerry Postlewhite

Fourteen years of crisis and chaos. Fourteen years of devastation for working people and public services. Like you, I won’t rest until we get this government out. And like you, I’m more than ready, and I have more than 40 years of campaigning experience to draw on.
You can email me from here...

Kerry Postlewhite Melksham and Devizes Labour

Kerry Postlewhite Melksham and Devizes Labour

For more information about Kerry please follow this link



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